Exploring Woh Kudu Beach in Yogyakarta Which is Similar With Navagio Beach

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Private Beach Yogyakarta, Woh Kudu Beach – Escape from the city life might be the medicine of stressful. Chilling out at the beach probably the best answer of it. Which beach?! There is another recommended one for you. Wohkudu beach! It is one of beautiful beaches in Gunung Kidul. What makes this beach different from other beaches is it has two walls in between.

To get this location, it takes 2 hours from Jogja city. You will need a bit effort by passing the extreme road once you get the beach area. The parking is in the edge of the road and beside that, there is a stall selling snack and drink.

The way you enter the beach, you should take rocky path along 300 meters. It’s like a trekking activity. Your tiredness will pay off when the beach is seen from far. The grass beside the white sands will welcome you. Indeed, Wohkudu beach is very proper as a camping ground area.

In addition, you may also do some activities like fishing and laying under the rock. Barbequing while camping is a good choice to enjoy this beach with friends.

The facilities you can use are rest room, food stall, tent rent, and other camp appliances. The prices you need to pay is only IDR 5000 per person. (san/yud) – http://visitingjogja.jogjaprov.go.id/