To facilitate you to order our cheapest car rental services, you can contact us on the contact details we provide below:

1. Make a voice call / phone to us at:

  • Telephone / WhatsApp: +62 812 3996 2880
  • Line: @ 25TransWisata

2. Sending E-mail to us at:

  • E-mail:

Order Process:

  1. We will answer the availability of vehicles to rent through the media that customers use,
  2. The customer confirms the order,
  3. We will provide the booking confirmation as soon as we receive confirmation from you,
  4. Our customer service, through email media will send invoices (billing details) to the customer.

For the certainty of our rental vehicle, the customer is subject to 20% Deposit as a signature. If Customer has already made a Deposit, we hope Customer will contact us again to re-register. Thank you!